Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BIG NEWS is Jason Todd the newest Robbin the Joker!

So I was watching some YouTube and stumbled upon the trailer of the Suicide Squad, basically what the suicide Squad is, is a DC version of the Avengers the only thing is the whole group is filled with villains.  Then after watching that AMAZING trailer I wanted to watch more and I saw the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie trailer, again an AMAZING trailer.  I started doing some research on both the Suicide Squad and the Batman vs Superman movies.  After doing a lot of research I came to a website that consisted of a theory relating to both movies.  I read the title and thought that this was complete lies but as I read through the evidence supporting this theory I start to believe the theory is real.  The theory was basically about the Joker in Suicide Squad actually not being Joker.  So in the past there has been many Robins that all worked with Batman some became evil and some became Jokers.  Yeah not lying!  But this theory focuses on the latest Robin Jason Todd, in the Batman vs Superman trailer there was Robin's old suit that had written on top of it HaHa Jokes on you BATMAN.  The suit had two puncture holes in the shoulder area... When looking at the Joker in suicide squad he has two distinct little wounds exactly where the puncture holes are in the suit of Robin.  In the video game Batman arkham knight you can clearly see a J branded on the face of Jason Todd when he unmasks look at the Joker in Suicide Squad he has the exact same J in same font on the exact same placement of the J on Jason Todd' face in the video game.  So have a look for yourself, look at these images at the bottom of the post.  Thanks for reading guys I'll be posting again later on but take a look at these images.  Aloha!